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"This is one of the best mezcals on the market and has great value to price. The Espadin/Angustifolia is well balanced with medium smoke, citrus, and spice. This one is great for mixing or for sipping. Agua Santa has also just come out with the Madrecuishe which is also amazing with a beautiful peanut husk on the nose and great balance on the palate."

Alfred Siu
Project Gigglewater, Toronto

Agua Santa is a well balanced espadin, with good concentration of flavour, subtle smoke influence and a long finish. There are few mezcals in our market that are able to achieve all these qualities while still delivering on value and we all have Carmen and her team to thank for this.

Owen Walker
Owner operator of El Rey and Quetzal , Toronto

“Mezcal Agua Santa is the well-rounded and affordable agave spirit that we needed. After too many years of inconsistent supply of inconsistent product, Mezcal Agua Santa is smooth enough to drink on its own but still holds its ground in cocktails.”

Josh Lindley
Bartender Atlas, Toronto

"With Mezcal Agua Santa there is a special relationship between the agave and the earth, between farmers and producer, and it shows in the final product. There are levels of complexity, sweet, earthy agave turns floral and tropical and there is a lasting finish inviting you to savour the next sip. It´s a product I always return to over and over again not only because of refined flavours but the transparency and honesty in its production."

Shane Beehan
Halifax, NS

"Mezcal Agua Santa is balanced, smoky and bright - it’s the ideal mezcal to pour for someone whose curious about, but has never tried, mezcal. One sip of Agua Santa is sure to get them hooked on this beautifully rich and expressive agave spirit."

Breanne B
Halifax, NS