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Pechuga Mezcal

Pechuga Mezcal ( Mezcal distilled with Turkey Breast) is deeply important in Mexican culture, and is often enjoyed at momentous celebrations such as birthdays, baptisms, weddings and funerals.
The Spanish word pechuga directly translates to breast, referring to the raw ingredient used to make this special mezcal.
Pechuga Mezcal is created by performing a third distillation of our classic Espadin mezcal and funneling the vapour from the boiling liquid through a special blend of turkey breast and spices which are carefully curated to create the unique and delicious flavour of our special drink.
Similar to our other mezcals, our Pechuga Mezcal is not aged so that we can uphold and share the pinnacle of flavour which our Mezcaleros produce.
Whether you enjoy this drink for an important celebration in your life or simply because each day is a gift, this special drink has been made especially for you.


From the Karwinskii agave family, Madrecuishe grows in a dry and an arid environment. This micro endemic species has a mineral taste, with high presence of herbal and floral notes. This wild agave takes on average 15 years to reach maturity.